Engagement shoots simply don’t come much more gorgeous than this one photographed in the Santa Ynez Valley.
Planned by CMG EVENTS, part of  the engagement was captured at the stunning Kestrel Park.

I’ll hand you straight over to the gorgeous bride-to-be Phoebe to tell you their story;

Tianda and I met in high school, it’s been quite the journey since then! I worked as hard as any high schooler could to catch Tianda’s attention.
I summoned up the courage to ask him to tutor me, waited outside his 5th period class just to walk with him to our next period, and even brought medicine to school for him when he felt sick. But I guess the other side of the story is, I can’t do math, I wanted some company, and I definitely made him inappropriately fall asleep in class from the NyQuil I gave him. Anyways, who’s keeping track right? We started as high school sweethearts, but today and in the future, we are partners that truly support each other’s goals and dreams. Our wedding will be a celebration of this and also an excuse to throw a big party!