This moment will last forever.

      “The beauty of my job is that I get to experience some of the most phenomenal love stories of our generation. These love stories feature your everyday normal couples but are so extraordinary you would think they are fairy tales.”


      Simon Ly is an American wedding photographer based
      in Texas. His style can be described as Light, Lovely and Clean. Primarily shooting with film & within his work, he strives to capture the emotional connection that exists between two people & highlight the uniqueness of each & every relationship.

      Passionate about romantic aesthetics, Simon holds the highest regards in capturing authentic moments that will last for generations to come. His work can be found in worldwide publications such as Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow, Embrace Magazine, Southern California Bride, Joy-Wed, & many more.

      When not holding a camera, you can find him traveling different beautiful destinations & hiking gorgeous mountaintops only to enjoy the sunsets. At home he’s accompanied by his best friend & companion, A English-Bulldog by the name of Missy Ly.