October 14, 2017



Hi newly engaged couples, it’s me Simon.
Today I’ll be helping you style your perfect engagement session.

I’m here to make sure you guys look your best. Period. 

So what exactly makes a great photo?

  • A Sense of story
  • Amazing style of clothes
  • A beautiful location
  • Great lighting
  • Last but not least, you


1. A Sense of Story:
Lets be real, you guys are together.
My job is to document your story which will explain
the authentic love between the two of you.

So what actually makes a good story? 

-Good preparation, great communication and most importantly creative ideas that are only specific to you guys!

-It really pays to set some time aside to decide what activities you guys are doing for the day. Riding horses? Great! Driving in a car? Easy. Feeding each other yummy desserts? Yes please!

-Traveling to the moon. WAIT! This does not fit in the story. Can’t go from point A without point B!
So let’s be mindful of what can actually happen in one day.

The photos exist to express the genuine and personalized connection you have for each other so start drafting this story!



2. Amazing Style of Clothes:

The last time I checked Cosmos….. I’m joking!

You guys are probably thinking “What do I wear!?”
Heres a quick tip, believe it or not, a good pairing of clothes and colors will make 50 percent of the photo.
So let’s be mindful of what you will wear and the colors you plan to pair it with.

So let’s go over the basics during an engagement session.


  • Wear solid colors (neutral colors preferred)
  • Dress yourself in something classy and timeless
  • Professional and dressy are the way to go.
  • Wear clothes that actually FIT you.
  • Compliment each other.
  • Smile. Lots of it!


  • Wear any busy patterns. (They just do not look good and they’re distracting)
  • Wear baggy clothes. (the last thing you want is for baggy clothes to make you look bigger than what you really are.)
  • Wear clothes that doesn’t fit the occasion. (I’m not going to wear a swimsuit while it’s snowing.)
  • Worse case scenario, contact me and I will assist you in picking out your outfits. So don’t sweat this part. 


3. A Beautiful Location:

This one’s pretty straight-forward and simple. A photo in Santorini will look better than a photo at a regular park.
So now that our expectations are set. Let’s begin deciding where we’re going to have this shoot!

Do you like hiking in the Yosemite mountains?
Exotic beaches in Brazil?
Perusing through markets in Santorini?
Or a simple picnic at the park?
While each of these activities have a special feel and moment to them.
Incorporating action, personality, and flow into each location you have selected is equally important.


4: Great Lighting: 
This is hands down one of my favorite subjects. If you have all the above examples taken care of, light is going to play a crucial role in deciding how your photos will look at the end of the day.

We all love that sunset look, Heck I do too, but lets be realistic.
You’re not going to have perfect light everywhere you go.
So let’s check the weather regularly and hope rain does not fall.

If you guys want something more consistent for save the dates,
I highly recommend getting your photographs done 2-3 hours before sunset when it is most consistent.
Don’t forget, Spring and Autumn will also have very different feel and textures all around. So plan accordingly to the season.






5: You

Well, if you’ve made it this far. The only thing you need to do left is to start planning this beautiful engagement session!


  • Personalize your engagement sessions.
  • Bring props if they fit the occasion.
  • Select awesome and amazing activities. Go all out if you want. Not every engagement is the same.
  • Bring touch up make up, and extra pairs of clothes. Just in case we need to change midway!
  • Practice relaxing and being natural with each other.
  • Try to stay within a certain color palette with each other. If you don’t know, stick to neutral colors.
  • If you still don’t know, don’t hesitate to get on the phone with me and ask for help. I’m here for you.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself. Leave the rest of the work to me, your photographer.